10 Tips to Successful Mobile Campaigns

Contributed by Atul Satija, VP & Managing Director, Asia Pacific, InMobi

Atul Satija

(1) Think Mobile – When running a mobile campaign, the first step is to build a mobile-friendly site. A site that was not designed for mobile viewing will annoy users and negatively impact conversion and brand equity.

(2) Keep it Simple – The mobile site has to be simple, light and quick to render to ensure that the page loads quickly on the mobile device. Whether it has 3 pages or 10, design it with clear user goals in mind and keep it simple.

(3) Be Relevant – No matter the medium, the more relevant an ad is to the user, the more likely the conversion. With a medium as global as mobile, relevancy can be easily overlooked, like not ensuring that local languages are available for your campaign. Insight into user behavior is always a good place to start thinking about relevance. For example, you may run a campaign during the morning and evening rush hours to entice executives to go on a holiday.

(4) Rethink Targeting – Given the personal nature of mobile devices, privacy guidelines and laws are more stringent than in PC online advertising. Thus, options to target specifically by demographics may seem comparatively limited. However, there’s no reason not to reach the massive mobile audience just because of such challenges – you can leverage targeting options including country, device, and site category placements. As illustrated in point 3 – creative ways exists for the innovative marketer to make your campaign targeted and relevant for his audience.

(5) Engage – Once the campaign captures a user’s attention, maximize that interaction by providing them different ways to participate. Even for feature phone campaigns, users can respond to quizzes and polls. Smartphone functions like touch screen and accelerometer capabilities allow for even greater engagement like games and videos.

(6) Manage – To really stretch your advertising dollar, consider collecting information about your users that you can use to re-engage them sometime post campaign. If CRM makes sense to your product or message, there is little trade-off in including an information capture page as mobile landing pages can provide multiple calls to action.

(7) Get Viral – Exploit social media and viral elements to give your campaign an extra mile. If a user loves your campaign, it’s likely that their friends would love it too. Some stats* report that users spend as much as half their time socializing on their mobile devices.

(8) Reach – It is easy to over invest in sizzle and make ads that are very vibrant and appealing. However, the inherent advantage of the mobile medium is its massive reach. By making overly complex ads, you might be unintentionally narrowing your reach to only high-end phones or countries where data speeds are fast. Ensure that your campaign takes full advantage of the reach of the medium by ensuring your ads work across multiple platforms and locales.

(9) Track – After investing considerable amount of effort and money in your campaign, ensure that it is performing well by tracking and analyzing the results. This is extremely important since mobile campaigns can be optimized in real-time to ensure maximum performance.

(10) Call to Action – Mobile devices provide a variety of calls to action. Click to Call, Click to SMS, Click to Locate are just a sample. Wherever appropriate, utilize these elements to improve user engagement and functionality.

Mobile advertising is the new frontier of advertising and comes with a plethora of advantages. However, mobile is not a strategy, it is a channel. Ensure that mobile complements your existing media mix and you will not only benefit from additional reach and increased frequency, but also entirely new audiences that only use mobile.

* Note: Stats from Microsoft Tags

Atul joined InMobi at the end of 2010, moving from Google where he was Head of Wireless Business for Japan and Asia Pacific and, earlier, Head of Business Development for India. In his spare time, Atul runs a non-profit – EndPoverty.

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