“Creativity in the Age of the Superhuman”. This is the title of AKQA’s Eric Cruz’s presentation at AdFest this year. He’s their Executive Creative Director in Shanghai. “At this critical point in the digital revolution, we are awakening to the age of Artificial Intelligence – the next phase of human progress,” says Cruz. “This new world will demand new forms of creativity. In the age of the Superhuman – where automation and obsolescence give way to new freedoms and leisure becomes the new economy – how will creativity evolve? What will the creative of the future look like?” asks Cruz. If you want the answers, then you better come to AdFest 2016.

Coming down to Earth, you also need to catch the presentation by Roopak Saluja. He’s the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at The 120 Media Collective in Mumbai. He has an impressive pedigree and has moved from advertising to entrepreneurialism according to Jimmy Lam, President of AdFest. His session will examine whether the distribution, monetisation, engagement and promotion of content deserves more focus. Saluja says he’d like to take the audience on a journey to help them see how distribution is emerging as the battleground for engagement. He will be on stage at 1600 on 17th March.

AdFest lines up interesting speakers each year and if you want to stay ahead in the ad game, you had better book a place at this year’s AdFest.  Go to www.ADFEST.com to get details.


International Editor: Allein Moore


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