Published by Pearson

The author writes scripts for television series amongst several other activities, so one would imagine he needs to keep thinking of new ideas. In this modest book, Jurgen Wolff draws on his experience and offers many suggestions which can help us come up with creative solutions. This book is not particularly aimed at the advertising industry but many ideas could serve us well.

Wolff has divided his book into four sections: Dreaming, Originating, Applying and Adapting. The first section is just generalised advice but the following three really focus on harnessing ideas to build some sort of business. Indeed the Adapting section has 25 examples of people who have built successful businesses on a simple idea. You’ll read about a Belgian man who has made a business out of hosting dinner parties on a table hoisted 130 feet in the air. So far, 125,000 people have experienced this dine on high. Read also about the success of a combination lock that uses letters instead of numbers so you can make up a word which is easier to remember.

It’s an enjoyable book full of stimulating ideas. Well worth a read.

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