reading-room-logoRecently, a group of high-level professionals from the client side, marketing firms, and the advertising trade media, gathered together at a high-level venue, The China Club, on the 52nd floor of Capital Tower, Singapore for a breakfast meeting. The purpose was to listen to a presentation by Tom Voirol, Global Head of User Engagement, at digital agency, Reading Room followed by a discussion amongst participants on digital innovation. The consumer market is very agile and we face constantly changing customer expectations. Organisations need to take an innovative approach to create seamless customer experience across multi-channels. Does your organisation have a sustainable and interconnected ecosystem? Ideas bounced across the tables at The China Club that morning.

Reading Room has been amazingly successful in Asia as well as in more mature markets. They have certainly come a long way from simply building websites in the early days here in Singapore. They now work for government organisations as well as multinational corporations covering all aspects of digital communications and online security as well as market research.

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