Recent research by Experian has highlighted some disconnection between confidence of the marketers in Singapore in their brand messages and the actual perception of consumers. On average, 82% of the marketers were confident in the consistency of the brand message. This confidence was highest amongst technology companies (87%) and lowest amongst marketers in the retail industry (72%). The marketer may feel confident but the Experian research indicates that only 61% of consumers thought companies integrated their communications well.

As in some other markets, Experian found that while marketers felt the print media was not an important tool, consumers rated it as the second most valuable source of information (86%). Both marketers and consumers agreed that the website was the most important source of information.

While marketers ranked social media and online advertising highly as giving returns on investment, 63% admitted it has not worked in the past as well as expected. They blamed a lack of understanding of the target audience and the channel itself.

Despite the disappointment in digital media, the marketers are putting social media advertising and channel development as an area in which they plan to invest. 80% say they will increase spending in this area.

This research is part of an in-depth whitepaper on “The future of multichannel marketing” by the Experian Marketing Services.

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