Marking the 20th Anniversary of the popular AdFest creative show, Dentsu Tokyo have created a striking brand identity for the show next year.

“In 1998, a seedling named AdFest was planted in one of the most diverse continents in the world. Its purpose was to nurture and celebrate creative talent across Asia,” said Yoshihiro Yagi, Group Creative Director at Dentsu Inc. in Tokyo. “Since then, the seedling has evolved and grown. Each year, its diversity expands. But it cannot grow without the support of its roots, which run deep and wide – these roots are the heart and soul of AdFest, and form the inspiration for our design.”

His design features two different type styles – one is very modern and reflects the shape of the tree while the other is more dignified to capture the traditions and legacy of the event.

The show is held in Pattaya Thailand and runs from 22nd March to 25th March 2017.



International Editor: Allein Moore


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