By Allein Moore

In the most recent SoundBites lunchtime talk organised by Direct Marketing Association of Singapore, Evangeline Leong took the audience through the developments and latest techniques in Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation. Leong is the Head of Digital Account Management at PurpleClick Media. She took the audience through the changes in the leadership in search engines over the years beginning with AltaVista, then Yahoo! and currently Google which has 60 to 70% of the global search activity. The top searches in Singapore, said Leong, were for locations, food and then places of interest (probably driven by the large number of visitors to the island).

Evangeline Leong

She said 90% of users go to multiply devices to achieve their online goals and 38% of search transactions were on the smartphone underlying that mobile advertising will be a key component in any campaign. The audience were told that keywords were tied to relevancy, search volume, commercial intent and pay-by-click competition. She also stressed the importance of taking into account ‘negative’ words to raise the quality of enquires. Leong explained Google’s Quality Score and the value of tracking phone calls.

DMAS is an active association with a good committee but it does need more members to give it the means to expand these educational programmes. Contact for details.

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