Koh Hwei Ling, Head of Social Media Council at DMAS.
Koh Hwei Ling, Head of Social Media Council at DMAS.

The Direct Marketing Association of Singapore has long left the days of that mail piece dropping into your letterbox and now its members embrace the digital age enthusiastically. One area which still puzzles many marketers is social media. The speed of adoption and rapidity of change leaves many of us breathless. DMAS continued its lunchtime ‘SoundBites’ with its most recent presentation: Trends in Social Media Marketing. The speaker was Koh Hwei Ling from Now & Next Consulting. She pointed out that 47% of global internet users and 52% social media users were in the Asia Pacific region. In Singapore, we have 70% social media penetration. More Singaporeans also used mobile to view emails than the rest of Southeast Asia. Overall e-commerce and m-commerce were on the rise said the speaker.

Koh produced a large number of interesting research findings, sadly sometimes there was so much information it was hard to read and absorb on a slide.

Do join DMAS. These lunchtime info breaks are just part of the activities this active association offers members.

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