mynewsdesk-content-copywriteMynewsdesk and SPH came together to offer a free seminar recently at Suntec City. Lawyer, Cheah Yew Kuin, kicked of the half-day session with a comprehensive guide to current copyright laws. He explained that an idea could not be copyrighted but only the physical expression of that idea such as a written script or a layout of an advertising idea. He advised the audience to keep all documents and emails relating to any project as you may have to prove you came up with the idea. If you buy over a company, you need to ensure any rights are also transferred. Singapore, he said, has recently become a signatory to the Berne Convention and TRIPS which gave reciprocal protection in many other countries. Authors have protection for life and another 70 years after death to cover their families. Photographs retain their copyright up to 25 years after publication for the first time. In an answer to a question by AdAsia, Cheah said that the copyright of an advertisement remained with the ad agency unless the contract specified otherwise. AdAsia commissioned a report on copyright published in Feb 2014.

Julia Tan of Mynewsdesk quoted Seth Godin as saying content marketing is the only marketing left. Her company operates a popular PR platform that helps news organisations and public relations departments handle their content and measure response.

Tan said companies could tap on to employees, customers, experts, reviews and media coverage to build up content. Often material can be reused or recycled.

Sebastian Chow, who handles SPH licencing, outline the breadth of material available in the newspaper’s archives and highlighted its Newslink service. He said the material was available to view but any unauthorised reproduction was quickly followed up.

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