Euro RSCG was our first ‘Agency Of The Month’. We are glad to see that unlike other featured agencies like D’Arcy and M Bold & Friends, Euro RSCG is still going strong. (AdAsia September/October 2000)

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Image A: xs-media was ahead of its time. The founders spent a fortune on programming and grand offices but failed to get the media or the buyers to support online media trading and bookings. Hopefully, someone will explore this system again. (AdAsia November 2000)

Image B: MediaCorp can be proud of the success of Today newspaper. It was launched at the same time as AdAsia but happily continues to be in print. In the same issue, we noted that IAS celebrated its 10th Anniversary. (AdAsia November 2000)

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Image A: Singapore had a free-to-air choice when SPH boldly entered MediaCorp’s territory after the Government wanted to encourage competition. Alas, in Singapore’s small market the two giants media owners fought themselves to a standstill and the more successful of MediaWorks channels merged with MediaCorp’s stable. A hard-fought commercial struggle which benefited the advertisers! (AdAsia December 2000)

Image B: MediaCorp also has its share of failure although it took almost nine years for the corporation to give up on TVMobile. On the same page in AdAsia we see Asiaweek celebrating its 25th anniversary. Sadly the days of this great magazine were also numbered. (AdAsia January 2001)

AdAsia pioneered ‘Agency of the Year Award’ back in 2000. Leo Burnett was the winner. The award was given out every year continuously until this year. (AdAsia April 2001)

AdAsia initiated a series of lectures on advertising and marketing under the series title ‘MindLab’. These were held in the NTU Executive Centre. Our first speaker was Jim Aitchison. (AdAsia July 2001)

The Singapore Outdoor Advertising Awards was the first of four creative shows developed by AdAsia. At the time, the outdoor industry was very much the poor cousin of all the media. Our editor, as a past winner of the British Poster Awards, has a soft spot for out-of-home media and rallied the industry to support the new event. It is now a regional show in its eighth year of running. (AdAsia August 2002)

Allein’s radio show had a short life and didn’t return as he predicted in this report, through lack of sponsorship. (AdAsia December 2002)

The popular pub nite started in 5th December 2002 thanks to a suggestion by Belinda Tan who was then a suit at McCann-Erickson. It was held at the Sound Bar in the Gallery Hotel and was sponsored by Getty Images. We have livened up many other bars around town in subsequent years. (AdAsia January 2003)

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Image A: Research Day. Another first. After meeting with the newly-formed Market Research Society (Singapore) and watch-ing the struggle to get support, AdAsia threw its weight behind a seminar on research pulling in all the major market research players to a day long event at the Intercontinental Hotel. This became an annual event. (AdAsia August/September 2003)

Image B: Around two thousand people attended our first ‘Advertising in the Air’ screenings in Fort Canning of the best TV commercials from around the world. 3,000 tickets are sold on the second year, making this event still the biggest advertising show ever held in Singapore. (AdAsia October 2003)

Recognise these people? Their photo were published in our magazine (2000 to 2001). Despite the stress, they are still in the business.

Left to right: David Mayo, Addison James, Steve Elrick, Andy Greenaway, Charles Wigley, Ron Graham and Tim Isaac.

The energetic Chris Kyme found time to become the AdAsia resident cartoonist.

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