Edelman PR have launched BlogLevel and version 2.0 of TweetLevel, free online tools that allow communicators to identify and quantify who is influential on a particular topic on a designated platform. Both tools offer practical intelligence for companies and brands, using a proprietary algorithm consisting of 40 different metrics to track and score bloggers and tweeters. It can do this in any language and country according to their influence.

Here’s an example of findings in Singapore:

Amongst those ranking highest inTweetLevel, were @mrbrown, @belindaang and @brainopera. This is because they create unique ideas that are amplified within their community and they engage with their followers by providing relevant content.

@Fake PM Lee despite having 547% more followers than @alightheart, ranks behind in influence.

@ivanchia, a professional DJ came in 15th based on the number of followers but ranked among the top 5 in influence.

Edelman claims its tools are different from existing tools and has distinct metrics.

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