To spread word of their new product in Singapore, premium dog food brand Pedigree asked MSN to help put a leash on affluent dog owners, expand their database and distribute free samples of their nutritious new offering, Pedigree Pouch.

Creating awareness for a new product is always a challenge, regardless of the industry you’re in. Pedigree’s latest addition of Pedigree Pouch was no different – and they looked to MSN for a fast and cost-efficient way to not only create awareness of the new product, but to also add valuable contacts to their database.

By using MSN to isolate a large online audience of dog-owners, Pedigree was able to connect with their target audience via MSN’s existing database of people within this interest group. Soon after launching the campaign, Pedigree received hundreds of additions to their e-mail base and used the convenient online sign up system to deliver samples of Pedigree Pouch to happy dogs everywhere.

Background to promotion

In conjunction with the launch of Pedigree Pouch, Pedigree wanted to work with a major online partner to give away free samples of its new product to faithful dog owners, with the secondary objective of expanding its database to develop a relationship with its core targets.


Although Pedigree used to advertise in pet magazines, they found it to be too much of a niche-market. Pedigree asked MSN to provide a far wider reach that would also target the affluent crowd who provide their dogs with a more premium food brand.


Affluent male and female dog owners of all ages that take an interest in premium pet foods.


Reach out to a greater number of dog owners and potential audiences by creating online publicity and word-of-mouth for Pedigree Pouch giveaways.

Execute a highly visible online campaign that creatively featured Pedigree Pouch, as well as viral marketing mechanisms.

Increase Pedigree’s database of key dog owners.


MSN assigned five separate channels including MSN Messenger to run its eight-week campaign, which featured various prominent yellow banner-type ads. Clicking on the banners directed users to Pedigree’s Singapore homepage where they were asked to complete a brief survey and provide some personal information including e-mail address. Upon completion of the survey, Pedigree Pouch samples were then promptly delivered to their homes.

Pedigree also requested for two e-mail blasts to MSN Hotmail’s database of pet owners and audiences, who signed up for pet-related information. The list included over 30,000 e-mail addresses.


The online campaign saw 170 pet owners sign up on its website on the third day of the promotion.

On conclusion of the advertising online campaign, 1,860 sign ups were recorded – the highest for a campaign within the niche pet food industry.

MSN Singapore’s website was successful in directing dog-owner traffic to the Pedigree website to sign up for the free sample within the set budget and period of time. Advertising through MSN allowed online dog owners to access the free sample registration page with merely the click of a button, rather than through the troublesome traditional methods of magazines advertising and mailings.

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