Without doubt, Facebook embraces large communities around the globe, but each country delivers a different social media performance. These becomes clear in the ‘2012 Social Media Advertising Global Games’ published by Kenshoo, a leading digital marketing software company. Sivan Metzger, General Manager of Kenshoo Social, said, “…understanding the key metrics and variances by location and vertical can help brands develop successful Facebook advertising strategies.”

Obviously, countries with a high Facebook penetration represent a great opportunity for advertisers. The study which evaluated nearly 65 billion ad impressions to identify eleven critical mass countries, came up with interesting results. For instance, in Mexico and Turkey there are as many Facebook users as broadband subscribers, indicating that Facebook is being accessed by mobile devices. Facebook advertising is extremely popular in the United States and the United Kingdom. These countries have the highest CPM and cost-per-click rates, reflecting the increased attention and bid competition from marketers. Italy is a favourite as it has a high click-through-rate and has a low max recommended bid from Facebook.

The complete report, which includes charts, definitions and insights, can be downloaded here.


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