O2 is a brand that is synonymous with innovative PDAs and Smartphones. Having been in Singapore for only four years, the company has successfully launched 13 models across the Asia-Pacific region, spanning three categories of products: top performance PDA-phones, lifestyle PDA-phones and high-performance Smartphones. A recent media audit revealed that year-on-year, O2’s brand awareness had grown an average of 23%, with Singapore posting a 24% growth this year.

In conjunction with the launch of its new mobile device Xda Atom Exec, O2 kicked off a ‘Take the Express Lane’ campaign – a fresh and engaging media and marketing campaign aimed at creating interest and buzz among a very specific group of audience in June 2006.


The challenge was to differentiate the brand positioning of O2’s new product from the plethora of mobile devices out there in the market and to drive traffic to its website; another challenge the company faced was to drive sales for the new product without cannibalising the sales for its existing range of products. This means creating a value proposition that is different from existing Xda Atom family of products.

The new powerhouse device Xda Atom Exec was built specifically for mobile professionals and power users. In a highly saturated and competitive environment, there was a crucial need to go beyond the usual print and TV ads in order for O2 to reach out to this savvy group of busy professionals and engage them in a fun and refreshing way.


The objective was to create interest in the Xda Atom Exec among a very specific target audience and reinforce O2’s brand and product positioning with insightful feedback. To reach out to this targeted group of audience, O2 decided on an online personality quiz via a microsite that was closely tied in to its ‘Take the Express Lane’ campaign.

The idea was to cement the proposition that the functionality and features built into the Xda Atom Exec can help users fast track their career to become accomplished business leaders. In addition, the microsite will serve to reinforce O2’s other BTL outreach into the business community.


The idea of creating a fun viral quiz came from O2’s appointed public relations agency, Upstream Asia and then brought to life by O2’s online partner, Stereotype Design. A microsite was conceived to inform viewers of the benefits that the Xda Atom Exec offers. Mindful of its time-strapped target audience, the key features of the product were presented in a succinct yet interactive manner to engage them.

Launched in June this year, the microsite features a unique and distinctive O2 brand identity. The various unique selling points of the Xda Atom Exec were then incorporated into the design of the quiz.

Visitors to the site were invited to answer 9 work-related scenarios in order to identify the attributes they need most to stay ahead in the corporate game. Be it to stay connected or to multi-task better, the message was consistently brought across, in a fun and light-hearted fashion, that the Xda Atom Exec has just the right tool to help customers fast track their career.

To make the deal sweeter, the first 100 who forwarded the quiz to 3 friends would win a 6-month subscription of The Economist online. The Economist, recognised to be a priority read for leaders around the world, was a strategic choice and a relevant prize for O2’s target customers.

Results & Summary

In just 1 month, ‘The Express Lane Quiz’ received a whopping 200,000 visits with 40% being unique users even before the advertising campaign kicked in.

Daily page views & visits for

Following the online mailer blast in July, O2 saw daily site traffic increased by 400% as compared to June and the Xda Atom Exec product registration surged by 80%.

With its engaging online quiz and interactive feature demos, the online microsite was able to bring the device’s features to life in a manner that would not be achievable using just print or retail tools. The microsite has created a brand experience that’s fun, relevant and refreshing, and helped O2 meet its marketing and sales objectives at the same time.

Shawn Mak, PR & Media Manger for O2 Asia-Pacific, explained, “When we designed the quiz, we looked at our target customer profile for the Xda Atom Exec – tech-savvy, information-starved, time-strapped mobile professional, – and sought to engage them in a fun and refreshing way. The Express Lane Quiz was extremely successful in terms of driving traffic to the microsite, reaching out to our target audience and driving sales for our new product. Which comes to prove once again that if you put customer experiences at the heart of what you do – which is O2’s brand promise – you can’t go wrong.”