At the Fuji Xerox ‘Color 1000i Press’ launch, Takashi Nawata, Senior General Manager, Marketing (left) and Yamazaki Toru, General Manager, Production Go-To-Market, Marketing.

Fuji Xerox has a launched a new colour printer which now adds both gold and silver dry inks. This is said to be the first production printer than can offer metallic colours along with the usual CMYK colours. This means that designers can add gold or silver to their palate without expensive specialised printing. Fuji Xerox’s technology has created reflective pigment particles which can be printed over the toner inks. These new metallic inks also have the advantage in not allowing the light to pass through thereby making it possible to use across various media.


The ‘Color 1000i Press’ will print the usual flyers, direct mailers, catalogues and business cards but it offers this new option of gold or silver printing. It is an inexpensive option for designers and their clients but it is not a cheap machine to buy or lease, so you need to find a printer who has access to this latest development from Fuji Xerox.


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