Microsoft Advertising and MEC have published the results of a commissioned survey in Asia designed to gather insights into men’s online behaviour. The title was Pre-Family Man study and it was conducted by Synovate.

“The pre-family man market has undeniable influence with 20% of pre-family men being classified as innovators and early adopters,” said Kenneth Andrew, Marketing Director, Microsoft Advertising.

Here are some interesting findings:

(1) Traditional devices like laptops and desktops play an immense role in their lives. For social networking, laptops are the main device used with 40%, with PCs not far behind at 35%. Smartphones were the choice of 20%.

(2) When it comes to app games, the smartphone became the dominant device with 56% playing on such devices.

(3) With the need to stay connected with up-to-date information, the pre-family men tend to browse through information, be it news, entertainment or people. The study suggests they are potentially limiting their decisiveness.

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