GlobalWebIndex is perhaps the world’s most detailed global insight study into consumer behaviour online. The latest findings have just been released. It is based on interviews with nearly 100,000 individuals in 27 key internet markets. Five trends are highlighted under Wave 5.

(1) The Fragmented Web: The way we use the web is increasingly fragmented because of different local interests and adoption levels. Developed markets have more emphasis on purchasing and e-commerce while emerging countries such as Indonesia and Philippines increasingly dominate social channels.

(2) Welcome to the Post-PC World: The way we access the internet is changing. PCs and laptops are being replaced by mobile and other devices such as tablets. While the personal PC/laptop is their favourite Internet device (79%) on 42% expect it to stay that way in 12 months time.

(3) Continued Rise of Real-Time: Microblogging and social networking are the fastest growing social media activity. This is driven by the increased use of mobile. Opportunities are there for creators of content as consumers turn to sharing and recommending content instead of creating.

(4) Facebook Fatigue: Time has wearied users of Facebook and while total usage is growing through emerging counties, established markets like the USA, UK and Canada are showing a decline.

(5) The Lean-Back Internet: The rise of real-time web is highlighting the value of traditional content and creating an ecosystem where media owners can profit from online. Consumers have switched from being content creators to transmitters and distributors of other people’s information. Consumption of professional video content is exploding consumers are willing to pay for access.

Major players in the media industry such as Starcom MediaVest, Ogilvy and Razorfish consult this index. For anyone in the digital world (that’s all of us, isn’t it?) this is important data.

Click here to download GWI Wave 5 Research Summary.pdf

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