The Institute of Advertising Singapore’s Hall of Fame is one of the few events held annually for the advertising industry on this island. Sadly the Ad Ball disappeared from the calendar decades ago and the Singapore Creative Circle Awards seems to have spluttered to a halt. In the early days, there was not so much emphasis on people in the industry and the show leaned towards honouring major brands. However, from the start, IAS did single out individuals for ‘The Lifetime Achievement Award’. It honoured in the past people like Ian Batey, Linda Locke, David Tang but some felt IAS had presented the accolade also to people who had not yet really earned that distinction. Perhaps this is why this year, IAS has decided to extend the awards in 2015 to honour people who are still building careers and contributing to the industry right now.

IAS is inviting nominations in the following new categories:

(01)  Agency Head of the Year

(02)  Business Lead of the Year (Creative)

(03)  Business Lead of the Year (Media)

(04)  Client of the Year

(05)  Creative Director of the Year

(06)  Media Specialist of the Year

(07)  Digital Specialist of the Year

(08)  Planner of the Year

(09)  Social Specialist of the Year

(10)  Suit of the Year

(11)  Young Talent of the Year (Creative)

(12)  Young Talent of the Year (Media)

(13)  Young Talent of the Year (Account Service)

In addition, IAS will continue with the awards to brands and agencies under ‘Brand of the Year’, ‘Creative Agency of the Year’, ‘Media Agency of the Year’, and ‘Rebel Agency of the Year’. There will also be seven ad campaign awards and team awards presented across seven categories.

If you know anyone who deserves recognition, or your agency has run a great campaign between January 2014 and August 2015, then hurry and enter.

Go to for details or click here to view HoF 2015 Summary of Awards.

Click here to download entry forms

Even if you are not up for an award on 26th November, you will enjoy the Hall of Fame gala dinner.  It a great advertising event for our Singapore industry and a fun night out.

International Editor: Allein Moore
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