Every other month or so, in the early morning, you can see marketing directors and senior executives from various industries, taking the lift to the 52nd floor of Capital Tower, Singapore. Here at the China Club, is held an exclusive gathering of 25 to 30 people, all eager to learn from the expertise and research offered by the Reading Room. This digital specialist agency has grown enormously since it first established an office in Singapore and now attracts many blue-chip clients through its doors. These breakfast meetings extend their reach to marketing industry.

Recently, Dr Deborah Koh who is a behavioural psychologist with Reading Room, spoke on the ‘millennials’ and the need for marketers to understand their lifestyles. In today’s marketplace, it is important to understand this group and the factors which go into making a buying decisions. The millennials want to know what people feel about them and how  your product will make them feel. The marketer must identify the decision factors. Dr Ko also cautioned that purely digital media was not always the answer. Tom Voirol, Global Head of User Engagement at Reading Room spoke in the need to track and measure results. This should be done every 2 months, he said, and added that setting up and measuring alternative approaches could be rewarding.  He pointed out that conversions in digital media took a long time and it may take three or more visits to build up a trust or establish a relationship with a customer.

The seats at these are limited so if you are lucky enough to get an invitation, make sure you accept.

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