Research conducted by Experian reveals some disconnect between Hong Kong marketers and consumers in several area. While consumers agree with marketers that shoppers find the company website the most valuable source of information – 78% and 71% respectively – there is a large disconnect in the value of print media. Consumers see this as the second most important source (68%) while marketers see it the least important (39%).

Marketers acknowledge that it is becoming harder to cut through the noise and get heard by the right people. The results showed the travel and leisure industries found it particularly difficult (75%). Over eight out of ten marketers in Hong Kong think that social media marketing (85%) and online advertising (81% ) are “highly effective” or “effective” at delivering the best ROI. These will, therefore, remain a key investment in the next 12 months.

Despite this enthusiasm, 75% reported that previous investments with an online digital approach did not deliver the anticipated return on investment.

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