The legendary Hyper Island educational institute has made its first entry into Asia with a 4,800 square feet campus in the trendy 991B Alexandra Road complex, across the street from TBWA. This innovative, digital media specialist school was founded in 1996 in an old naval prison in Sweden. Since then approximately 2,000 graduates from 40 countries have emerged to join industry. In fact 98% of students have jobs before or shortly after graduation and 60% have more than three job offers! One out of four gets a job abroad. Already a number of Singaporeans have fought for a place and studied in Hyper Island in Sweden. There is another campus now in Manchester, England.

The first intake of students to the Singapore campus will be in March 2013. The first progamme offered in the new school is the Specialist Diploma Interactive Art Director Programme. Only 25 seats are available for the one-year course. Other shorter term and executive programmes on digital media and management will follow.

Christina Andersson

Christina Andersson, the Managing Director based in Singapore, said, “Singapore is home to an incredibly vibrant community of creative thinkers and is already a strong digital media hub. Hyper Island sees Asia as a burgeoning centre for the creative minds and we aim to position this community to step to the forefront of the ever-changing creative landscape by providing the tools and experience needed to grow and rise to the challenges of tomorrow’s transformative technology.”

Hyper Island offers an opportunity to work collaboratively with students from different cultures and experiences, alongside innovative teaching methods.

To apply to join the Singapore programmes, click here.

If your interest is in the digital field, AdAsia recommends this school highly.

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