Hyper Island came into Asia back in 2012 setting up a small campus Singapore. This Swedish digital school is already attracting not only Singaporeans but students worldwide to its courses covering design, technology and management in the field of digital media. On Saturday 22nd February, Hyper Island invited visitors to its Open Day. Englishman Jonathan Briggs, Academic Director, talked about the changes in digital media and the rise of social media. He also explained the importance of apps and interaction. In his opinion, as a teacher he should also be an active professional to bring current knowledge to the classroom. To prove his point, he showed several interesting apps which he had developed. When Paviter Singh, Relationship Manager at Hyper Island Singapore, tears himself away from the computer screen he runs Ultra Marathons (runs that go beyond 50 kilometres). In his presentation, he explain that the lessons learned from this extreme sport could be adapted to work and study. During the day there was workshop and a taste of the Leadership modules offered by the School. The emphasis at Hyper Island is learning by doing.

Slide from Paviter Singh's presentation.

Hyper Island Singapore, led by Christina Andersson, the MD, is offering a full time or part-time MA courses in ‘Digital Management’ which starts in April. Shorter Social Lab classes are run through the year. The next is “Design social engagement strategies and plans for brands” which is scheduled for 24th-28th March 2014.

The advertising and marketing industry is desperate for people who are not only tech savvy but have the design and management skills to meet the challenges faced today. Hyper Island is grooming the next generation and sharpening up our current professionals.

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