It may be too late to enter work for AdFest 2017, but it isn’t too late to sign up as a delegate and enjoy presentations from the world’s creative gurus.

The full programme will be on the festival website but here’s a few highlights. As was the case last year, the first half of the programme is focused on film craft and production with the second half devoted to advertising and creativity.

New Zealand production house, Circus, usually has some surprises up its sleeve, and this year Christian Greet revisits the art of stop-motion on Wednesday 22nd March. Luke Ritchie, Head of Interactive Arts, Nexus Interactive Arts (London) will be telling the audience what is the next frontier in virtual storytelling. A familiar slot at AdFest is the Gunn report. Emma Wilkie is back to tell you what the trends are, and which director is currently making the most awarded commercials and which brands are gaining the most attention on screen. The Gunn Report will be presented on Friday 24th March. How do we continue to create and protect great ideas with all the noise going on around us? Jean Paul Burge, Chairman and CEO, BBDO Asia will share his take on this problem on the same day. Always inspiring is Contagious magazine Co-Founder Paul Kemp Robertson, has returned to AdFest for his presentation ‘How to build a contagious brand’.  He will be a highlight on the final day, Saturday 25th March.

You are probably already producing excellent work but you need to continue to charge up those brain batteries. Plug yourself into AdFest 2017.


International Editor: Allein Moore


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