Jack Bygrave

The industry has lost one of its pioneer film makers due to cancer.

After a mercifully short illness, Jack Bygrave finally left Asia in October. He had worked in the Far East, after several years in Europe and Africa, from 1965 to 1975 making TV commercials and documentaries as a director, editor and producer. He returned to his native England to bring up his children before returning to film in Hong Kong in 1984. In his later years, he taught film and advertising at Hong Kong University and Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore where he and his wife had settled. Even in his eighties, he was still involved in film projects. His knowledge and experience were of great value to newcomers.

He loved and embraced Asia, yet he remained a true Englishman gentleman displaying the best qualities of his countryman.

He will be missed by his many friends and business acquaintances in the advertising and film business in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Sadly, it’s a “wrap” for this wonderful old film maker.

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