The speed at which mobile advertising is growing in the Asia Pacific region can take your breath away. The Mobile Insights Report – Global Edition March 2011 published by InMobi is a story of a global revolution created by the smartphone.

“The global smart phone revolution continues into Q2 2011. The introduction of Android has significantly accelerated smartphone growth,” said James Lamberti, VP Global Research and Marketing at InMobi

In Asia Pacific, the mobile ad market grew by 26% in just three months (Dec 2010 to March 2011) representing 17.6 billion monthly impressions in March.

iPhone and Android devices continue to gain market share while Nokia OS and Symbian OS are losing share.

InMobi itself tells an impressive story. In just three and half years, this company founded by three people in India has become the world’s largest independent mobile ad network. From three young guys sleeping on mattresses and running a business out of an apartment, we have a trio of successful entrepreneurs snoozing in business class as they traverse the world having launched first in Asia and then moving on to North America and Europe. By focusing on mobile advertising they have become an extremely successful company. Later on this month, InMobi will be announcing another important development.

The full survey will be published in AdAsia very soon.