What makes brands great online? How do their strategies make a difference when you look at their digital touch points? At the Brand Digital Excellence Awards, Heardable, in cooperation with BAV Consulting, will award the brands in Singapore that excel in their industry category when it comes to online presence.

The Brand Digital Excellence Awards recognise brands that are executing the best marketing strategies online, across all digital touchpoints. This includes social networks, mobile, sentiment, website content, content virality, SEO, and more. The inaugural awards in Singapore will measure brands that are operating in Singapore, across a number of key industries.

The winners are identified, based on a series of online assessments, executed in the weeks leading up to the event. An explanation of the methodology is given below.

What is the purpose of the awards?

The award is to provide a benchmark for brands to be measured against their competitors, and to motivate brand managers to improve their marketing strategies and execution across the digital landscape. The accompanying report will help share market insights about brand strengths in the space, and upcoming trends.

Presented at one of Singapore’s premium tech venues, BASH, the BDE Awards are an opportunity for brands to be recognised for excellence in their online marketing, exchange ideas on best practices, and focus on clearer digital marketing goals and plans.

Brands from 12 different categories are nominated. See the below overview.

Categories & Awards
(01) Best Banking Brand & Financial Brand
(02) Best Airline Brand
(03) Best Quick Service Retail Brand
(04) Best Soft Drink Brand
(05) Best Jewellery or Watch Brand
(06) Best Automotive Brand
(07) Best Insurance Brand
(08) Best Fashion Retailers
(09) Best Health and Wellness
(10) Best Hotel Brand

(11) Bonus: Most Powerful Brand Online Singapore 2016

A digitally available report will accompany the awards, with details about each brand category and how the brands have scored, as well as industry insights, thought leadership pieces, and trends to watch for in the coming year. A video will accompany the results.


About the Sponsors

Heardable is a digital brand optimisation company that gathers, analyses and scores any brand’s strength across the digital landscape.

BAV Consulting is a research tool, global strategic consultancy with expertise in corporate, brand and marketing strategies and customer insights.


About the Event

Time & Date:  3pm-5pm / Thursday 31st March 2016
Place: Bash @ Blk 69, in JTC Launchpad.
Food:  Light snacks and drinks


About the Award Methodology

The scoring system is based on Heardable’s AMPscore results.  We score each brand on over 800 different data points, from key digital touchpoints across the digital landscape.  The 6 major categories we look at for this are:

200:     Sociable (social)
150:     Actionable (Website U/X)
150:     Shareable (Virality of content)
200:     Searchable (SEO practices)
100:     Measurable (Analytics)
200:     Portable (Mobile)

For further information and registrations, please contact
Adabel Yap
Tel: +65 6671-3030
Email: adabel.yap@heardable.com

Editor: Matthieu Vermeulen


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