We accept creative ideas should be protected but too often, in the advertising and design business, these are stolen. PitchMark is a new digital platform which offers a way to ensure your ideas are protected. PitchMark also tackled the sore point of clients no longer paying for pitches in Singapore when they arranged, at the launch of the new site, a debate titled, “Should clients pay a pitch fee?”. You can watch this debate as below link.

[tube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWfWaVj3uao[/tube]

PitchMark’s inaugural debate “Should clients pay a pitch fee?” attended by creators and clients from different industries.
Mark Laudi, founder of PitchMark led the debate.
Sangeetha Madhavan from Creative Content People expressing her views on how pitch fees will affect both clients and creators.
Thibaut Humbert, Vice President Business Development, Asia at Think&Go NFC making his case on whether or not clients should pay pitch fees from a creator’s perspective.