ZoMedia man takes to water

Dinesh Singh

Dinesh Singh is leaving ZoMedia after six and half years as its Sales & Marketing Director. He is moving to Duck & Hippo Leisure Group as Sales & Marketing Director at Duck Tours. He will build a new team and developing reseller channels for the various tourism products at Duck & Hippo. Prior to joining ZoMedia, Singh was with Samsung SDS and Adval Brand Group.

Luke Littlefield

Aegis Media Pacific appoints CEO

Luke Littlefield has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Aegis Media Pacific. He became the COO at Aegis after his previous company Mitchell Communication Group was acquired by Aegis in December 2010. He joined Mitchell in 2007.

Start-up attracts top man

Technology startup specialising in media and entertainment, Cinemacraft Pte Ltd has appointed Ashok Srinath as Vice- President of Engineering, Srinath will be based in Singapore.

He began his career working on image systems for the USA armed forces. Most recently he was with Microsoft planning for the next release of Windows.

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