A personality test on Channel [V]’s website has allowed Kenzo Perfumes to communicate its image and brand values to young Asians in a subtle and fanciful way reflective of the brand’s identity.

Campaign’s objective

Kenzo’s objective was to establish its brand image in Asia and convey the mood and spirit of its Kenzo Pour Homme and FlowerByKenzo fragrances to a youth audience by giving it the chance to experience the brand’s values directly.

Campaign strategy

In order to reach its young, urban target group, Kenzo teamed up with STAR’s Channel [V]. STAR created for the company an online personality test hosted on channelv.com, which made ample use of Kenzo Perfumes’ brand imagery, allowing users to interact with the brand and creating an intense impression of its spirit into their minds.

Two personality tests offering visitors to discover their “perfume personality were proposed on channelv.com”. Visitors could choose between the female and male versions as well as between English and Chinese. The test questions were designed to reflect the personalities and moods of the FlowerByKenzo and Kenzo Pour Homme perfumes while creative layouts throughout the site emphasized Kenzo branding. The product name discreetly appeared on each page.

In order to encourage participation, two tickets to Paris and FlowerByKenzo and Kenzo Pour Homme bottles were offered in a lucky draw. Traffic to the site was driven by direct “viral” emails to Channel [V]’s important database of contacts. One email was sent at the start of the contest to invite participants to enter, another during the mid-contest period to thank participants and to remind them to refer more friends for extra chances to win, and a last one during countdown to the entry deadline, reminding them again of their last chance to enter and refer more friends. Meanwhile, on-air promos publicizing channelv.com and the personality test were shown on Channel [V] Greater China and Channel [V] International.

Campaign results

The campaign has proved phenomenally successful: 109,000 participants entered the contest, out of which 66% were male. 49% were 18 to 25 years old and 40% were 26 to 35 years old. Participants sent 213,938 referrals to friends. 24% of participants came from India, 12% from Hong Kong and 11% from the Philippines.