Keyword research – identifying the potential words and phrase combinations consumers could potentially type into the search box – are vital to the success to digital marketing campaigns. But most of us do not have the resources to conduct it thoroughly and monitoring and keeping up to date with terms as they change has become an almost impossible task. Hydra have produced a white paper titled ‘Where to start – the discovery phase’ which might offer some insights.

Ruth Zohrer, Solutions Consultant at Hydra says, “Ultimately, the lack of thorough keyword research can prove costly as it leads to vendors failing to maximise on the online opportunity both in terms of directing potential sales leads/traffic to their site and garnering revenues from the online channel.”

In April, Hydra undertook a survey of over 300 UK-based digital marketers and focused on how digital marketing teams currently operate. Of course, Hydra who sell software has their own agenda but it is certainly first worth reading ‘Where to start – the discovery phase’. This is available as a download.

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