The Play

Levi’s® Jeans takes adrenalin to new extremes in the latest Levi’s® Red Tab® commercial, which was launched into the Australian and New Zealand markets in February 2004. Featuring an abandoned hotel, three hectic teenagers and an aggressive wild bull, the TVC portrays the high energy and raw, urban appeal that Levi’s® Jeans is world famous for.

To support the Levi’s® Red Tab® TVC, a fully integrated marketing campaign was launched, including magazine, outdoor and point of sale imagery as well as the Internet for both Australia and New Zealand.

To help Levi’s® ANZ with concept creation and execution of the campaign element on the Internet, Levi’s® looked to Bluewave, its online marketing and Internet agency.

The strategy

Levi’s® wanted to create a stir among its trendsetting consumer base, alerting them to the campaign while enforcing customer retention and drive acquisition of new members to its online club.

The team at Bluewave decided that as the TVC was the cornerstone of the campaign, it should be the common denominator. As a result, Bluewave felt that it should be used as the base for the website – in other words, the TVC became the new look and feel of the Levi’s® site.

The downloadable TVC, which features a group of teens being chased through an abandoned hotel by an angry bull, attracted to the iconic Levi’s® Red Tab® on the back pocket of their jeans, was used as the main entry point on the website and again made available in its entire length for members to view and download.

To further support the online campaign element and drive consumers to the new site, an EDM was constructed. The EDM with the TVC and the Levi’s® Red Tab® range featured was Levi’s® first addition of ‘the Levi’s® online newsletter’. The premiere issue also featured the slick new Levi’s® accessories range, Big Day Out 04 competitions results and Queer Eye For the Straight Guy CD giveaways (QEFSG is airing on national TV in both NZ and AUS), plus detailing Levi’s® Jeans’ involvement in this year’s Melbourne Fashion Week.

The team at Bluewave again wanted to continue with the ‘TVC theme’ keeping the moving elements of the landing page on the site. The result was a newsletter, which shows cuts from the TVC in movie strip like fashion, projecting the image as it is really a moving film while being completely static.

To meet the objectives to driving consumers to the new site and have existing members invite their friends to join as well, two main viral channels were used:

One part of the EDM sent to existing members asked them to invite friends to the new Levi’s® Club.

The second was driven on the site itself. An incentive to join was given in the form of a prize give-away. Upon registering for the Levi’s® Club and for the lucky draw, they were given the option of inviting, via email, friends, to know about the club and the prize. The incentive used was simple but effective ‘you never know, you might be borrowing their copy to read’.

The result

Levi’s® ANZ, is committed to starting a club, and has chosen to continue with this new strategy. This new approach of using integrated marketing, worked wonderfully. With the exception of one, all other KPI’s were met 100%.