A group of local independent agencies based in Singapore have formed the Independent Agency Network (IAN) which was launched on 18th December. Many of these local shops have already made a name for themselves outside the republic.

“The independent agency scene in Singapore is growing rapidly. Coming together to form IAN gives us a greater presence, while ensuring clients know that there is one single entity they can reach out to for communications and branding help. With the launch of IAN, we intend to provide an alternative to the bigger agency groups out there. One that’s collaborative, nimble and just as creative,” said Alvin Wong of the Alchemy Partnership.

Founder members of the network are The Alchemy Partnership, Arcade, Blak Labs, BS Advertising, Convertium, FlabSlab, Kult, Up&Up and Wild Advertising & Marketing.

The network has a plan to launch a ‘Made in Singapore’ in the first half of 2014 which will provide local brands with the opportunity to get branding and communications advice that will help them succeed in the global marketplace.

Ian Batey

A notable guest at the launch of IAN was Ian Batey. For those new to the business and might not know the name, Ian Batey once headed Batey Ads which for many years produced outstanding advertising for Singapore Airlines and Singapore Tourism Board. In a move he was said to have later regretted, Batey sold out to WPP Group and it was no longer an independent agency. It closed its door a year or so later. This could be a lesson to be noted for the current members of the Independent Agency Network.

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