The London School of Marketing has released a new whitepaper which reveals the basic principles that make up the disciplines of marketing. Entitled An Introduction to the Root Principles of ‘Consumer Marketing’, it offers an insight into the guiding theories and basic principles used by the marketing industry. It would be very useful for someone studying marketing or starting a career in the field. The whitepaper explains the scope of marketing and then continues by revealing a selection of the industry’s most essential theories and guiding principles.

“In its essence, marketing is a very simple idea, but in practice the art of marketing can be extremely complex,” explains Anton Dominique, COO/CFO of London School of Marketing. “The teaching method for new recruits to marketing is to break the subject into subjective activities. The whitepaper we commissioned reviews several of the most important of these.”

The London School of Marketing is obviously based in the UK capital, but there is an office in Sri Lanka and a network of Overseas Support Branches. The LSM offers courses from recognised bodies such as CIM, ABP, CAM as well as BA, MA and
MBA programmes.

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