The objective was to craft a holistic, localised programme that would translate McDonald’s FIFA World Cup global sponsorship into increased customer visits and greater sales in Singapore. To achieve this, we challenged the category’s conventions – of supporting the game and the game experience – by focusing on the supporters (real fans) of the World Cup and as a brand, to support the supporters in their efforts to stay up for the matches throughout the World Cup season.

Taking the kids to Germany

The campaign platform of ‘Love Every Second of the Game’ provided a 360-degree brand experience. This started prior to the kick-off of the World Cup season with the McDonald’s ‘FIFA World Cup Player Escort Programme’, where Singaporean kids were given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to walk onto the pitch with their soccer heroes in Germany.

A light-hearted TV execution created for McDelivery tapped into the insight that World Cup watching is a group activity for Singaporeans, reinforcing McDelivery 24/7’s relevance to the consumers. The 30-sec TV spot for McDelivery 24/7 special World Cup Meals humorously show the antics that a dedicated McDonald’s deliveryman would go to ensuring that his customers do not miss a second watching the exciting World Cup match.

Out-Of-Home experience

With the consumer understanding that only 25% of Singaporeans will catch the matches at home, McDonald’s 24-hour restaurants around Singapore thus provided ‘live’ broadcast of the World Cup matches over plasma TVs, generating huge crowds at night.

The in-restaurant experience provided further ‘kick’ through the McDonald’s crew, who donned soccer jerseys and handed out ‘red cards’ (free soft serve!), adding to the World Cup frenzy.

25% increase in sales

Results were overwhelming for brand McDonald’s. PR Value of press coverage of the activities was estimated at almost two million dollars (in Singapore dollars). Over 25% increase in sales was reported during June. In the same period, guest count increased by 13%. TV Ad recall was a strong second positioning during World Cup period – ahead of Tiger Beer, Coca-Cola             and Nike.