Published by John Wiley & Sons

Story is the currency of social media, says Jay Oatway. Through the exchange of social currency you build relationships. The value of these relationships is your social currency. This is the foundation of this 230 page book. Social capital works like a bank, it’s hard to withdraw more than you have deposited.

Oatway tells you how to use social media to become what he terms a “socialeader”. As you might expect from an ex-journalist, he writes with apparent ease and you will enjoy the journey through the book as he takes you by the hand and leads you through the world of social media. The book is full of advice and anecdotes which can help you become a thought leader in your particular area of expertise. He will help you avoid the traps and tells you how to make full use of your experience and knowledge.

You will put this book down itching to make a start.

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