The situation

Food delivery service in Singapore: The food delivery category in Singapore has been synonymous with Pizza Hut & KFC. The Pizza Hut delivery number perhaps is one of the more familiar phone numbers in town.

McDelivery 24/7 – a FIRST in food delivery: McDonald’s noted that Singaporeans are extending their days by staying up much later into the night. Tapping into this insight, McDonald’s launched a unique proposition to meet consumers’ changing lifestyle needs. A delivery service that operates 24/7, with no minimum order required. Clearly, a FIRST in food delivery service in Singapore that reinforces McDonald’s leadership.

The challenge

To be the top-of-mind food delivery service provider – one that meets Singaporeans’ lifestyle 24/7.

Target audience

The core target: Young adults aged 25-39, who lead busy lives, often ordering from other delivery services out of convenience using a number that’s already well-programmed into their minds. But when it comes to those late night (or early hour) munchies, choices are inevitably limited.

Communications strategy

(1) Topical: Capture target audience’s imagination by linking McDelivery to a significant topical event in their lives.

(2) Integration: Reach out to our target audience and be top of mind whenever they need fast- food fix in their daily life.

Creative & Media strategy

(1) To tie-in to the celebratory aspect of National Day.

(2) To ride on the lifestyle element of McDelivery 24/7 so as to integrate McDelivery into our target audience’s lives in a novel, impactful manner.

The first stage of the campaign leveraged national pride and presented McDelivery 24/7 as a gift to everyone during the National Day celebrations. An innovative contact strategy was employed to make the McDelivery campaign synonymous with the National Day celebration. Time slots were bought whereby films appeared synonymous with the National Day celebration.

The print initiative was a front-page wrap-around of The Straits Times ‘National Day Parade’ Special Edition. This strategic buy was successful in creating high impact and strong awareness of the McDelivery launch in the uniquely themed editorial.

To sustain the launch impact, the contact strategy aimed to maintain a strong connection with the target audience with the key intention of clearly dominating delivery in Singapore. Other strategic media buys included entire MRT space from inside panels to TV monitors, the inside and outside of buses, and bus shelters. Another highly strategic move was to create a high level of noise within a concentrated effort of just one week.

The creative made use of each medium in a novel, impactful way that presented McDelivery 24/7. We stimulated food craving through enticing food shots and reinforced the service, its number and the menu: a combination that would get the phones ringing.

The increase in McDelivery’s sales outperformed all expectations. Sales superceded projections by 3X in the first month of launch*.

(*Source: McDonald’s)

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