Singapore Press Holding has been running a series of presentations called ‘Media In Transition’. The most recent held on 27th February was led by Fernando Samaniego, CEO of International New Media Consulting. Media Corporations: The Road Ahead covered the changes in the traditional media worldwide and Samaniego explained that media companies had to face and embrace the changes or die. From his global experience, he showed how some publishers had successfully made the change. He stressed the importance of measurement and big data, using this in the transition. He acknowledged the resistance often found within the staff but felt if they could not accept the change it was better to let them go.

Samaniego also recommended that the media companies extended their activities into new areas as advertising was declining but sales promotion was growing. The windows of opportunity in all areas soon close, he warned.

SPH has not been slow to move into digital platforms. Not all have been successful but the company seems prepared learn. The fact they invited such a knowledgeable speaker who was prepared to be brutally frank, demonstrates Singapore’s major media company is willing to accept change.

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