Contributed by Sandeep Bomble, Founder & Creative Director of Palasa

Sandeep Bomble

Every client is like a parent. And their product or company, their baby. Just like any other parent they are fiercely protective of their brand. And they love the ones who pamper and care for their brand just like they do. By its vastness, force of creative people and work, a big agency would be obvious one that a client would want to go for. But still a lot of clients today prefer a medium sized agency over a big agency for many reasons.

Today medium sized agencies are well-versed with trends and have well adapted to accommodate client’s expectations. Even clients have started recognizing the perks of medium sized agencies. They have realized that the work done by many medium sized agencies is no less than their big agency counterparts. They have come to realise that in big agencies, any creative work goes through many processes and departments, while in small agencies, one experiences pure work which is less process driven, and each member working on the project is creatively involved in all the stages, right from ideation to its final output. Work is systematically sorted here as per priorities and is seen as happening much faster with amazing synchronisation within the teams, with lesser hierarchies involved.

Also, medium sized agencies have the potential to make the brand known in a market cluttered with hundred more such products, and all for a lesser price. But the creative output could far exceed even the big agencies. And when it comes to the small time brands they may not even be entertained by the big agencies. So in terms of privileges, they would opt for a medium sized agency. The client gets personalised attention for their brand and on the other hand the agency enjoys the creative liberties whilst establishing the identity of these lesser known brands.

Medium sized agencies may not have the luxury of handling larger accounts but get their hands on their variants and whatever they handle have larger value for money. At the same time, in a medium sized agency, one experiences short term relationships with the client, with the latter staying with the agency for not more than two years. Once the client grows bigger, they slowly look to pass on their creative mandates to a bigger agency. Big agencies are perceived to be much more reliable in taking them a step further. Whereas, the same target can be achieved by medium sized agencies too. But as said, that’s what is perceived and times are now seeing a change in the perception too.

A client must be careful when choosing a medium sized agency. And a thorough background of the agency is a must as it could harm the brand if the agency has creative germ but lacks the experience. A good agency can gauge if the creative communication will appeal to the consumers or not with its experience. The clients should understand the creative force that will handle their brand and know more about their work, which is possible in medium sized agencies.

While medium sized agencies must be careful as there are chances of the agency turning into a design hotshop with lesser mainstream advertising work. The temptation of turning the agency into designing hub is very high since it’s a quick way to buck. So the clients need to also understand if the agency is apt for the 360 degree campaigns or not. Though nowadays majority of the medium sized agencies are well equipped will 360 degree route.

It won’t be long when medium sized agencies outdo their bigger counterparts and become the contenders for the top spot.

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