Millennial Media has just released its Q1 2013 Mobile Mix Report which covers mobile applications and devices as well as data on a wide range of topics. The report is full of information and figures, so if you are interested in the mobile sector.
you should get a copy.

Here are just some of the highlights:

In the Asia-Pacific region, Samsung was the leading manufacturer (all devices) in Q1 2013. It accounted for 29% of the impressions on Millennial’s network. Apple was second with 25% of impressions. Samsung also led in Malaysia and Indonesia but in Indonesia BIackBerry took the No. 2 spot. In Singapore,
Apple took first place and the iPhone was the top mobile device with
47% of impressions.

Smartphones in APAC led the device mix with 69% of impression share while tablets measured at 16%. Productivity and Tools applications were amongst the fastest growing application category.

The report also has data on India and Hong Kong.

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