Background & Strategy

In the current economic scenario, employment remains as one of the key priorities for the government in 2002/3. To help Singaporeans tackle the down turn and to address the problems of the unemployed more effectively, Government has set up a task force called the ‘Jobs Task Force’.

One of the initiatives of this task force was the launch of a major communication effort targeted at Singaporeans who are currently in the market looking for employment.

The objective of this campaign was to find a way to create impact and lasting impression on Singaporean job seekers and to encourage and inspire them to keep trying to find a job that is right for them. The key message of this campaign therefore was ‘Success comes to those who never give up’.

The reason for choosing an inspirational and encouraging approach was simple. Firstly in times like these, we wanted to talk to the people, not at them. Additionally, based on the statistical data, we found that most (if not all) of these unemployed people, male and female, young and old, educated and less so alike, had clearly demonstrated their commitment to trying to find a job. And to that effect, 3 out of 4 of the retrenched people had actually succeeded in finding relevant employment over a period of time. Therein lay the reason for broadcasting a communication message that encouraged and inspired them, one that built their confidence and celebrated their spirit of never giving up regardless of the adversities.

Creative Rationale

The campaign uses slice of life situations the target audience would instantly relate to. The creative idea attempts to deliver the message by dramatising situations where people, despite their initial setback, have managed to achieve success simply by never giving up. The idea is then summarised with the caption – ‘Success comes to those who never give up. To date 3 out of 4 retrenched workers have found employment because they didn’t stop trying’.

Creative Units

There are a total of 5 different 30 second TV commercials and 3 print ads, supported by outdoor media such as wholly painted buses and bus stop posters. This communication has been developed in all 4 national languages.

Campaign Schedule

The campaign kicked-off on 24th October 2002 across all major TV channels and dailies and is still ongoing.


The results to date have been very encouraging – after the release of this campaign, the ‘Jobs Task Force’ hotline saw a four fold increase in number of calls from 400 calls daily a year ago to 1600 calls a day currently. Additionally, there has been a 30% increase in number of unemployed Singaporeans approaching ‘Career Link’ for assistance. In fact, public has been calling up and requesting for copies of the ‘inspiring’ posters for their personal use.