A new global study by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council on mobile subscribers throws up some interesting data. It seems the world’s 6.5 billion phone subscribers are likely to become vocal and active detractors if they have a negative customer experience. Only 34% of the 1,660 mobile subscribers surveyed around the globe in the second quarter of 2012 are loyal to their carriers and have stayed with their current service provider for more than five years. This loyalty is increasingly called into question when customers grow frustrated with more fees, intermittent quality of services, lack of carrier respect and the added frustration of working out all the options and features in the complex plans. Ricoh sponsored the study titled “What’s Critical in the Telecommunications Vertical”.

High service plan costs triggered 48% of departures and a better deal with more all-inclusive options seduced 26% of defectors. Hidden fees, bad service or network speed plus high data costs topped the list of complaints. Few expressed concerns over a lack of online access (6%). 84% use the phone mostly for calling and 73% used it for texting.

It is worth reading the full results. This 32-page report is available for a complimentary download, click here.

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