GfK Asia has collated an enormous amount of data on smart phones and the more basic feature phones. Southeast Asia is certainly a very buoyant markets for the mobile phone makers and distributors. In the last 12 months over 118 million units were sold across seven key markets in the region – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines. The value of that was almost US$13.7 billion. Indonesia is the largest market where over 54 million phones were sold.

While feature phones increased in purchase rate by 12%, smartphones jumped by 78%.

“Feature phones still reign as the more prevalent mobile phone type used by consumers in the region’s emerging markets,” said Gerard Tan, Account Director for Digital Technology at GfK Asia. “However, smartphone adoption is escalating at a rapid pace with individual country’s growth rates reported in the range of 42 to 326 percent.”

Tan also pointed at that with major manufacturers announcing the intention to launch low-end smartphones priced below US$100, a larger pool of consumers will then grow the market even faster.

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