Electronic Arts’ latest game SPORE allows you to create your own universe, evolve life, build civilisations and sculpt entire worlds. SPORE is a PC game best played on a high-performance PC such as HP. The objective of the campaign was to create more hype about SPORE and to showcase HP as a personal computer that connects users with digital content and personal experiences that are important to them. It was also meant to show that through SPORE, EA and HP were providing users a unique PC experience to express their creativity, only limited by their imagination. One of the main items Electronic Arts wanted to highlight was the Creature Creator software as it was easy to use and could be used to produce extraordinary three-dimensional creatures with a few clicks of a button.

Idea & Execution

ON AIR: The campaign ran across MTV Asia’s network of 10 channels, including MTV Australia, MTV New Zealand, MTV China24, China Syndication, MTV Korea, MTV Japan, MTV Taiwan, MTV India, MTV SAM (Singapore and Malaysia) and MTV Thailand.

MTV created two co-branded spots – a 30-sec contest spot and a second 30-sec share & win spot. In the 30-sec contest spot, MTV illustrated the creation of the SPORE creatures and encouraged viewers to create their own creatures by visiting the website and downloading the Creature Creator trial software.

In the second spot, EA, HP and MTV picked some user-generated creatures to be featured. Viewers were told to share the URL with friends as the more people that viewed their creature, the more likely they will 
enter the finals. Viewers were encouraged to continue creating more and more creatures. In both spots, there is a drive to the website hosted by EA.

ONLINE: In addition, SPORE promotional banners were run across the MTV websites to drive traffic to the SPORE website as well. Over 14 short video clips of MTV VJs and celebrities (including Great Spy Experiment, Terry Lee and Gaby Li of Machi fame) across Asia and Australia playing SPORE and creating their own creatures were filmed and posted on the website. The star appeal definitely helped in bringing more fans to the website.

A total of 10 finalists were chosen – one from each country and they were flown up to Hong Kong for the finale party at the EA Experience Facility on 16th Sept 2008. Regional media were flown up as well and it was the media that chose the final winning design. The grand winner walked away with EA games, HP products and a US$5,000 cash prize.

The campaign was given further exposure through Will Wright’s interview on the MTV News platform aired in Singapore and Malaysia (media value US$4,020) and MTV VJ Denise’s personal blog on her experience of meeting Will Wright, the creator of Sims and SPORE.


In addition to the overall increased awareness and exposure to SPORE and in association, the HP brand, the campaign helped EA to exceed sales target during the media promotion. Client’s expectations were met in terms of the roll-out, exposure, number of entries and traffic to the SporeShow website.