International recruitment specialist, Robert Walters, released its annual salary survey 2012. In announcing this at a lunch in Singapore for the media, Andrea Ross, Managing Director of Robert Walters, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam said that across all sectors in Singapore there had been an increase in job opportunities although bonuses had shrunk. People with in-demand skill sets can look forward to pay increments of between 20% to 30% due to scarcity of talent.

Looking at salary scales in Singapore, a marketing director with more than 6 years experience can expect to earn between $150k to $220k. A brand manager can expect $80k to $100k, a public relations manager would be getting around $70k to $120k with 4 to 7 years experience. Robert Walters does not handle usually creative talent so there are no figures given for this high-paid group. There is not a lot of difference in pay between consumer and industrial employers.

A word of caution from AdAsia, before you jump up and down about your low salary in Singapore, do remember in surveys most employers will be giving the full salary including benefits like CPF (Singapore’s Central Provident Fund which has an employer contribution) and health plans.

The Robert Walters Annual survey not only covers Asia, including Australia and New Zealand, but has levels of pay for European countries and the Americas. If you are thinking of moving to a new market, best check out the pay structure in the survey report before you sell up.

While contract work is popular in other parts of the world, this sector is still small in Asia but Robert Walters expects this to grow in future years.

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