AdFest 2014 is just weeks away. The regional event continues to add interesting presentations and top creative people to its fare. Contagious Communications, who always excite an audience, are presenting “Telling for Selling”. This is a speaker session that explores the art of storytelling in the age of ‘digital-doing’. Roger Mulchandani, Managing Partner, Asia Pacific (Singapore) and Dan Southern, Senior Consultant (London) will examine all facets of modern-day storytelling from multi-channel You Tube networks and native advertising to manufacturing memes and engineering virality.

The Grand Jury President is now to be Tor Myhren, Grey’s Worldwide Chief Creative Officer and President of Grey New York. Rei Inamoto of AKQA had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts. Myhren has overseen a creative renaissance at Grey helping it get acclaimed as Global Agency of Year 2013 by AdWeek. His own office in New York has tripled in size since he took over.

Jingles have been less fashionable in recent years but it is probably time for music to once again come to the fore. Catch Mark Beckhaus, Director of Music at Nylon Studios in Sydney and New York. He is presenting a session called “Sticky Music” which explores how advertisers and brands can harness the social share-ability of “hit” commercial music, or music so catchy you have to share it.

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