Opera Software published its first ‘State of Mobile Advertising’ report on 19th July. This mobile ad platform has gleaned a lot of information from its global network of more than 35 billion ad impressions.

Here are some key findings:

The average eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions) on iPhone is US$2.85, followed by Android at US$2.10 and Windows at US$0.20 eCPM.

Rich media is delivering better consumer engagement, especially those who can leverage the capabilities of the more sophisticated mobile devices.

Business & Finance is the top revenue category. It generates more revenue per impression than any other category.

Using one ad network is not the best way to maximise profit and reach. This is because performances vary significantly over short periods of time so a strategic mix of networks is vital.

There are some other key insights from Opera for advertisers so to read the full report, click here. It’ll help you hit the right note.

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