Outbrain helps consumers find the most relevant and trusted content online. Now it is helping the trade find out more about consumers habits. It has released the findings of its inaugural ‘Asia Pacific Content Consumption Trends’ report. “The industry needs to get smarter in how it delivers content, and the trends we are announcing today are key to helping achieve that,” said Anthony Hearne, Regional Director, Outbrain Southeast Asia & India.

The key finding were:

(1) Consumers in Asia Pacific prefer to consume content on their mobile phones and tablet devices at night. The exception was Australia and India who seems to favour the lunchtime period. Singapore and Malaysia favour 10.00pm.

(2) Australians engage with paid content the most. The lowest engagement rates were recorded from Singapore. Across Asia Pacific, it was content related to News, Sports and Business & Finance that showed the highest levels of engagement.

(3) Screen size plays a key role in determining the levels of engagement with paid content. Consumers in the region prefer to browse with hand-held devices and smaller screens but engage more with content on the larger screens. Go to www.outbrain.com for more details on this report.

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