Are you just making ads?

If you feel you are just making ads, then sign up for ‘The New Purpose of Creativity’ workshop at this years’ AdFest. Questions like “What is our truth?” and “What are we genuinely motivated by?” will be explored…

The future belongs to millennials. How well do you know them? 4 key trends that define how millennials interact with brands.

The millennial generation, born 1980-2000, represents the single largest generational group in history. In the coming years, they will make up over 50 percent of the workforce while earning more than… (Contributed by Contributed by Delphine Dauge, Agency Director, Brandimage Paris and Jean-Christophe Estrampes, Director of Strategic Planning, Brandimage Paris)

Roots go deep in Thailand

In 2009, AdFest, the popular regional advertising festival held in Thailand each year, introduced a new category called Lotus Roots.

This has become a much sought after award at the festival. This award celebrates ideas that are…