I came across this list of the Best Viral Videos in 2012. By this, they mean the most popular. It is worth studying because getting so many people to share an experience or interact with our brand is the dream of every CMO.

Here is the list:

(1) PSY – Gangnam Style

(2) Jeremy Lin vs Knicks

(3) Kony 2012

(4) Caine’s Arcade

(5) OK Go: Needing & Getting

(6) Carly Rae Simon – Call Me Maybe

(7) Mitt Romney Style

(8) Britain’s Got Talent featuring Jonathan Antoine

(9) Cat video featuring Henri

(10) P&G’s Best Job in the World

It must be gratifying to P&G and their agency on this project to make the number 10 spot. Most people know that Korean entertainer PSY’s video featuring his gangnam horsey dance, ended the year as the most watched video on YouTube. I didn’t know that the Mitt Romney spoof also proved highly popular. What conclusions can we draw from this list?

Animals, kids and music draw the most interest. This will not be news to people in the ad business but it is surprising how little we actually use the knowledge. Check out the award shows and you will not see many gold winners featuring these elements. Are we making ads to please our peers or connect to our real audience? I must confess my own experience working with kids and animals on ads makes me want to run in the opposite direction. This leaves music as a good hook. Is it time to revive the jingle?

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