Published by John Wiley & Sons

It is amazing how fast authors and publishers can work. We suspect that six months ago most people had not even heard of the social media site, Pinterest. Yet already we have books printed and on the book shelves covering this newcomer. It was launched in 2009 but it was only at the end of 2011 that it started to gain attention. It then reached the 10 million mark in 2012 faster than any other social media site in history and drove more traffic to websites than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined!

Beth Hayden, who penned the book, is a well-known social media expert and speaker on the subject. She also writes in a simple, engaging way, starting off by telling the reader how to get an account, set up boards, pin and repin images etc. Beth then takes you by the hand and shows marketing techniques and how to integrate Pinterest with other social marketing tools.

Highly recommended.

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